Ravens Wings









Raven Wings
Raven wings have taken me
Into Night – to it’s country
Up towards a castle high,
Rising through a charcoal sky;
Above, I heard the thunder shout;
Below – the lamps were all blown out;
It’s feathers ruffled by the gale –
the Raven’s wings to Midnight sail.
From Midnight’s turrets was no view
Of anything I ever knew;
I heard the wings of Darkness beat;
I saw the ghosts and shadows meet;
The Moon was sun in Midnight’s sky;
Black was light to Midnight’s eye.
From the Raven’s beak there fell
Silver pearls from Midnight’s Hell;
Within the castles walls, inside –
A phantom groom, a Deathly Bride;
Festive voices, mixed with fear
Drink a glass of poisoned cheer;
From the Archer’s window slits –
Arrows rain, and Reason hits;
The Raven stoops to find me stood
Gazing down on Midnight’s wood –
Where branches bend and spectres wail,
And Midnight’s soot has left a trail;
On the Raven’s wings I ride –
The Raven is an eerie guide;
Down from the castles height we spin
As the dark of night grows thin;
Down towards the light we go
To a world left long ago.
The Sun at last announces Day –
The Raven’s wings have flown away.