Jack Frost and Crystaline








Wake up children – what a sight!
Jack Frost has been here last night!
He’s breathed on windows and on sills,
And walked across the fields and hills.
Over lawns he must have crept
And on rooftops he has leapt.
All in sight his hands have stroked,
In every nook – his fingers poked.
Through the air he’s waved his wand
And with ice he’s sealed the pond.
Forest branches he has froze –
Trees all shiver without clothes!

And, with his friend, Cyrstaline
They’ve made hedgerows gleam and shine.
From the diamonds in her hair
She’s sprinkled diamonds everywhere.
And the lustre of her eyes
Sow icicles of every size.
She is dropping jewels all ’round –
Stars that twinkle on the ground.
With face of youth and hair of white
She’s the Queen of Silver Light.
Her cold heart you can’t decline –
Beautiful, Lovely Crystaline.

When Crystaline and Jack Frost met
The Earth was green and golden yet.
But together plans were laid
They plotted when they would invade.
And from the frozen lands of North
Towards our Summer world sent forth –
Emissaries of Winter will,
And shining spears of icy chill.
Dressed in Silver – head to foot –
Into vials their crystals put.
In envelopes of vapour white
Silently they’ve come at night.

She’s put on a pearl necklace
And sparkling glitter on her face.
Jack Frost grins with Elfin joy
At his tricks, like any boy.
Though they’ve danced and acted out –
They’ve, at business been about.
Beneath the North Wind’s bitter bite
They’ve laid a carpet down of white.
And in the cold night’s deepest hour
They have made a wedding bower.
Whilst the World sleeps snug in bed
Crystaline and Jack Frost wed.

But as the Sun regains the skies
Summer comes and Winter dies.
Then Jack will take his Winter bride,
And to the North-lands they will ride.
Where Winter’s Kingdom is in command
Crystaline takes Jack Frost’s hand.
Collecting treasure through the year
Hordes they’ll find of crystals, clear.
A Polar palace will be home
’till South once more again they’ll roam.
You’ll wake and see their cold design –
Jack Frost and his Crystaline.