Lyrics to “The Green Village”



Nettles and brambles are tearing her clothes
The wilderness follows where ever she goes
Rings on her fingers and bells on the toes
Of Daisy Flowers
Grasses have swollen up to her knees
She runs through the meadow, hugging the trees
She’s sweeping the yard in her dungarees
It’s Daisy Flowers

As soon as the Sun appears
We’ll dance on the Village Green
Bless all her coming years
Daisy Flowers is our May Queen

In cow stalls the looping old Matrons all stand
She goes a ’milking, bucket in hand
Her sweetheart’s a Farmer who works on the land
With Daisy Flowers
She carries a picnic down through the lane
Out to the field where he’s planting the grain
Around his neck he is wearing a chain
Of daisy Flowers

The seasons all change her as each one goes past
Summer caresses, Autumn winds blast
Winter confines her, Spring comes at last
For Daisy Flowers
She throws a sixpence into the well
In shadows the spirits of darkness all dwell
The Full Moon is casting a luminous spell
On Daisy Flowers

Above the steeple Rooks circle the air
The Church bells are calling the Faithful to prayer
Soon they will signal the marriage there
Of Daisy Flowers


Kitty Gray, Kity Gray
Gathered blossom from the trees
Kitty Gray, Kity Gray
Our life passed like a breeze

I entered in a Tug o’ War
At the Country Fair
I had a feeling for sure
Kitty would be there.
I looked to find the main event
And take a closer view
I followed where the crowds all went
Kitty was there too.

With her friends we talked a while
Then they moved away
But Kity made me laugh and smile
All through the day.
We both chose a dainty mare
For the Carousel
I watched the sun gleam in her hair
And from her eyes as well

So together hand in hand
We walked along the Lea
I told myself “in all the land
There was no girl like she”
With promises, we parted bound,
Sealed with kisses sweet
‘cause in both our hearts we found
A common ground to meet

Her father was a magistrate
Her mother finely clad
Kitty came from high estate
And I – a working lad
They planned that she would marry well
A man of noble kin
She could never to them tell
She held a babe within

Word had passed from door to door
And to the Foundry
A body found upon the shore
Washed up by the sea
The bells rang out upon the hill
So loud and clear
On a day so cold and chill
I mourned a sweetheart dear


Hail Hail Holy Grail
Hail the Sun so bright
Hail Hail lift the veil
Hail the morning Light
Praise Praise the light of days
Praise the golden ball
Praise Praise the shining rays
The Sun gives life to all

From the centre we feel the Earth’s heartbeat
And in our dreaming the ancient spirits meet

Subconscious ocean – your waters sweep and swoon
Our tidal slumber is guided by the moon

The golden embers are ripening the corn
The seeds of wonder are waiting to be born

And from the Heavens our bodies feel the glow
Towards the sunlight all parts of nature grow

You bless the orchards and all the flowers fair
The Earth’s a Beauty with blossom in her hair


Kicking football down in Arny’s yard
“Uncle John won’t you give us half a crown?”
Spent the morning scuffing ‘round the old wharf
Watch the brass band marching up and down

People cheering and running out to shake my hand
When I’m home I’m going to marry you
Bells ringing out, ringing out across the land
We’ll dance again when the war is through

Went to the boozer with Billy on Football days
A shiny sixpence would buy us both a beer
Took a job working in the ship yard
But unemployment – was always near

Geraldine – I met you when we were at school
Then didn’t see you for a year or two
At a dance I took you for a Polka
Felt my heartbeat miss a skip for you

Billy courted young Sally Murphy
People said that they made a lovely pair
When we joined the battalion together
Sally promised him she’d be waiting there

Billy Saunders – he never stood a chance
His mother won’t see her darling son no more
Chaplain Jenkins commends his soul to God
“I pray to Christ we can stop this bastard war”


When the work’s all done out in the Sun
And we’ve sweated all the day – o
It’s time that we were having fun
And go rolling in the hay – o

When shadows fall and night birds call
The fiddle starts to play – o
Wrap your shoulders in your shawl
We’re rolling in the hay – o

Roll, roll the clouds away
The Sun will shine all day
Good times have come to stay
We’re rolling in the hay

The ciders found and passed around
Our bodies start to sway – o
We’ll lay a blanket on the ground
Or go rolling in the hay – o

The horses pull when the wagon’s full
And we’ve loaded up the dray – o
The driver roars out like a bull
“We’re rolling with the hay – o”

When the grass is dried and we’ve got it tied
Before the sky turns grey – o
We’ll throw the barn door open wide
We’re rolling in the hay – o

Dress in your gear ‘cause Sunday’s here
It’s time that we must pray – o
We’ll pray that in another year
We’ll be rolling in the hay – o


Listen to that song
That’s playing now
Takes me back to times we spent together
Listen to the words
They get to me somehow
Seems like this road goes on forever

Down the road, down the road
That I’m travelling on
Down the road, Down the road
A little further on

In that Public House
Our songs were played
I can hear them now – our guitars ringing
Down endless roads
We all have strayed
I’ll pick a song and I’ll start singing

I’m going beyond
I’m going beyond
I’m going beyond

As darkness falls
Stars come alive
In the dead of night a light is glowing
If we never leave
We won’t arrive
‘though we might reach where we were going


Days grow shorter one by one
Soon we’ll see the re-born Sun
Lanterns bright to guide our way
Soon we’ll reach Mid-Winter Day

Winter covers all the land, cold winds blow
The bitter chill of winter time brings the snow

Oak leaves buried in the ground
Now King Holly wears the crown
Forest logs will be our fuel
Soon we’ll sing our song of Yule

We have filled our Harvest store
Until the Earth could yield no more
Food to fill each hungry beast
Ale to toast our Yuletide feast

Birds of prey swoop from the hill
As the land lies cold and still
Darkness creeps across the vale
Harken to our winter’s tale


All around and all around we shall sing and play
All around and all around on St Georges Day

The Mummers bring their pageant to the market square
With stories of St George they entertain
They enact the rescue of a maiden fair
Everybody’s cheering when the dragon it is slain

The Morris dancers take their turn drawing in the crowd
Jugglers perform throughoutb the town
Up above a child’s balloon is floating like a cloud
And Jonathon the Jester acts the clown!

The Mayor and his merry men swagger in the Sun
With all of their finery on show
The councillors have promised fun for everyone
With pretty maids dancing in a row!