Born in Shaftesbury, Dorset in the 1950s, my interest in music was sparked by nights around the piano, with my mother playing along to the sheet music for “Old Faithful”, “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain”.

My Dad was a farm labourer from County Wexford, in Ireland. HOBO BLUESMAN2

Early years were sound-tracked by radio shows, eventually heralding in the Beatles, and the sounds of the sixties. Borrowing heavily from my older sister’s record collection, notably – Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen.

Donning an old military Great Coat, and hair growing longer in an attempt to match George Harrison’s, I started to attend gigs by Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull and Free, dropped out of College, and headed for the Welsh hills to seek out New Age Hippies and cultivate an alternative life style.

Unable to hold down a steady job for very long, I drifted from town to town, spending time living on the streets and sleeping rough, before eventually returning to old friends and places and settling in Salisbury, Wiltshire, where I still live.

I am pretty much into all types of music, and the Arts in general. I have been writing songs and poetry for as long as I can remember.

“I used to take my guitar along to Folk music clubs and Irish pub sessions, and felt completely at home belting out songs for the clientele to join in with, usually in a very rowdy fashion. This then led to a bit of busking to supplement a frugal income!”

An early group that I was in were “Slainte”, an Irish word which was a drinking
sentiment. The band comprised: Sean acoustic guitar / vocals; Tim Madden – Acoustic guitar / vocals; Doug Sherriff – accordion, and Matt Carter – Tenor Banjo. Slainte were active around 1990.slainte

As I Roved Out

An increase in Song Writing output begat the idea to start a band to perform original music.
With Dave Marsh on drums, Simon Dickenson on lead guitar and Mark Torokwa on Bass, “Statues” were created. Later we were supplemented by the addition of Debs Fulton on guitar and David Wilds on Keyboard. Two albums were recorded “Banshees” and “Shadowlands”. The band folded in 1995.UNDERTREES1

Colour Me In

After Statues I Played in a variety of bands, several of which included Salisbury musicians Chris Walsh and Frogg Moody.

I put much of my creative energies aside whilst my children were still young.

Frogg then invited me to contribute lyrics and vocals to his new Rock Musical “Yours Truly – Jack the Ripper”. This led to an invitation to join the Cast. The “Midnight Theatre Company” was created, and performed in various venues, such as the Wimbledon Theatre in London, the Theatre Royal in Portsmouth and a Conference in New Jersey, USA.

I was then a member of “The Hereafter” – an “Indie” band featuring Ivan Bruss on Bass  and joint vocals / songwriter, Hugh O’Donnell on guitar and Colin Watteston on Drums.

This was followed by the “Hot Tamales”. Covering music from the Jive, Blues and Rock n Roll era. The outfit still operates, usually as a duo, with myself on vocals and Dave Bulgin on piano. In the past it was a full band , and featured Pete Catlin on guitar, Alex Mundy and Phil Bryant on drums, Phil Mahony on bass.

I currently write and record my own material, and  to date I have recorded 8 solo albums